p-man, the legendary sannin

epic buff seal.
gurn.. isee your chicken, and raise you a buff elephant seal with a six pack. E P I C. thats the scale to a human to.

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HAHAHAHAH!!!! in ur face monkey fuckers!! who comes trough in the end but the unlikely slow turtle.
at least one of us aint havin massive BELL END on their thombstone this night. i see uth and raiseth!

Anerwaysum. heres ma animal beast warrior thing. a giant cock!! Or in other words a big fat rooster with a massive hammer.  theres some sketches ive done of it on my personal livejournal
blog dat should show the scale compared to a person.:  http://gern-baxtor.livejournal.com/


ok this is an old skool style challenge. not messed up like the last 2. more silly.

draw the most epic and buff warrior animal you can think of. it has to be massif and no bears. and if you dont do it your a fucking BELL END. and you desearve to have bell end ingraved on your gravestone.

what a world whata world
well, i don't know anymore.
i will follow the rules set by other members and only post activities.
so here's mine. i was planning a bigger post but alas!!

so i've been working on a kira mcloud comic, not finised yet, might have somthing up by the end of the week...but it wont be HERE...i shall have to re organize my own journal!
thats pretty much it.
xmas was ok, new years ok. usual stuff.
i do hope you all enjoyed better!!
me as a fitty, i must have read it wrong too.

this place is gonna start going down hill, i can see it now. alas

me, but in the style of a girl?
why has it taken so long for anyone to do this challenge?!! im ashamed of you all!! apart from tommeh. but im kinda ashamed of him for thinking up such a sickening challenge...

i didnt go for any naruto or anyfing just did it straight up. dont really think it looks much like me, but then again im not sure i want to draw a girl that looks to much like me!

im posting other art and jazz at my actual livejournal so go and reply NOW. im just using this one for challenges from now on.

it begins
a question... what would happen if you made a whole post and put the password in wrong?
would you have to do the post all over again?

oi oi, i couldn't figure out how to post a picture in a reply, so i have to do it this way..

i shall get the ball rolling then

IF I WERE a fitty female, im sure i would still like teh nintendorz.. and i think....

i'd look a little bit..................

like this........................................................................


naruto females
i have an art challenge perrrrrr........


you have to draw yourself as a naruto female fitty. with breaasst..sss.
if your a boy, make it a nazza fitty. and if there are any girls here, which i dont think there are? then make yourself an even more fitty female than usual.. not a boy :|

chuckle chuckle....

DO IT :/
and get in the FUCKING CHOPPER

edit: by naruto i mean one piece, bleach, disney, anything.. as long as its a fitty

stuff has prolly been happening i cant be botherd to write anything tho ohwell. oh apart from that i finally got some scott pillgrim and its fuckingggggggggg seriously some good shit, im well impressed yea. love!

ljcut innitCollapse )

the final countdown!
come one, come all.
welcome to the show the great finalie is finally here!!
i thank you for coming to my theater of ...fear!!!

alas its been a while since my last post, many things have begun.
starting my third year along with gurn, which is totally cool!
but its intense aswell a heafty work load has been place upon thine shoulders!
we are animators and we are directing our own film, which is going pretty stable!
starting to feel the strain a little, but its to be expected.
its going to be pretty much of main priority for the next year. but i've been seriously planing
some comics i wanna do after uni!!

verily, i doth have artwork to post to yon blog!
they are a mixed lot, mostly sketch book stuff tho!

i'll start off with a little illo i was working on, i had a a few characters for a comic and wanted to do a little with them!
but i didn't have time to start the comic!!
so in order from left to right you have, the saracen a might swordsmen from the middle east!! part of an army of elite powa!!
next is a girl who has no name so far, she was an elite assasin back in the day. but after she rocked the boat within her organization she left, at the same time loosing her arm in an epic fight. later she made a packed with a demon to have a beast arm. it doesn't always appear there, only when she calls it out in battle. the demon arm can also take a physical form which you can see in the smoke behind her(the arm of course wont be there then too) both her and the demon arm wield blades and are formidable figters. the girl also has some special techniques..but its a little to in depth to go into here!
the next girl is the same girl i've posted here before, with her friend she gains along her little journey. she has to protect her alot!
after those two is the emporor gorilla, a centurion warrior with might beyond knowledge. he is like a bad guy who comes to destroy the world of humans...single handedly!!
the next girl is another sword swinging chic, but she is a little more traditional. she is also clarvoient! it came at the price of her left eye tho. a human can only have 2 eyes, so now she has one normal eye and her minds eye. which i might add is pretty useful in battle!

woah..thats too much writing so far.....or...is it?

here are a few more pics i drew of the one arm girl!

hmm, next...
yes...we decided to turn the shemale art jam into some from the iron penis martial arts!!
where would it seem to fit...well of course its gotta be naruto! girls growing penis's can only be some kind of blood line limit! so ..it looks like i'm the first to post mine this time!
she has a curse seal and can do the 'seal release' sort of buisness. i drew her in normal and transformed mode.
the bloodline limit alows the girl to grow a penis for sexual and battle field techniques...dunno what they might be tho...yet.

right well, the rest is pretty much sketch book work. i'm just gonan dump it pretty much!1
..a bit more naruto stuff!

a few kira watercolours

this is jikou-kidan. its a short story i cam up with, which has fitties in i might add. where in a giant hippo battles and defeats the king tortoise and takes his shell for his own!!

just a few more fitties for good messure!

i'm also pleased to annouced that me and young master tom are planning a comic with don pastille and don scublevich!
its gonna be legendary. they adopt this young girl(who grows up to be a fitty) but she's a demon too..or somthing.
and she has disco's at the weekend and the two dons come home and try to act hip and start dancing!!
but when these two fucked up looking entities warn the dons of some kind of plot to kill their daughter they abandon their sofa land empire and follow the path to save the world!!!!
alas that is all for me, i've got breast animation to do and other backgrounds to draw!!
prolly wont be another update for a while after this.....or..will there..../?!


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